Residents in flood-prone areas need to be aware of flood warnings

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KUALA NERUS – Residents, especially those in flood-prone areas are advised to be cautious and aware of warnings from the authorities following the first wave of floods that hit Terengganu today after continuous heavy downpours since last night.

Terengganu Civil Defence Force (CDF) director, Col (PA) Mohd Rosman Abdullah said, although weather has improved, residents are asked to follow current developments and instructions from the authorities as the continuous rain warning involving six states, including Terengganu, will only end tomorrow.


“I advise residents to obtain verified information about disaster warnings channelled through various media.

“If instructed to evacuate, do it immediately. Do not wait till the water rises to evacuate,” he said when met by reporters after visiting a relief centre at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tok Jembal here today.

A total of 213 evacuees from 58 families are housed at 33 centres in the districts of Kuala Terengganu, Kuala Nerus and Besut as of 4 pm.

A flood evacuee, Ruhani Mohamad, 58, said she and four family members evacuated to the relief centre at SK Tok Jembal at around 8 am after their residence was flooded at around 6 am.

Ruhani, who lives in Taman Murni Permai, said her family had to evacuate yearly as the drainage system in their area was inadequate.

“This year alone, I’ve evacuated twice. It’s really tiring to pack because I run a grocery shop. This time, losses are less because I prepared early.

“The residents have been asking for the authorities to widen the drainage to mitigate floods for over a decade but there isn’t any action till now. They only come to measure, after that the same problem happens,” she added. – Bernama