Thailand intensifies search for missing radioactive capsule

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BANGKOK – Thai authorities have intensified their search for a missing capsule containing radioactive material in Thailand’s central province of Prachin Buri. Local media reported that drones were also being used to locate the cylinder.

The capsule, weighing 25 kilogramme, measuring 13 cm in diameter and 10 cm long was reported missing on March 10 during routine checks by staffs at National Power Plant 5A Company, which operates the power plant.

The cylinder was part of a silo containing Caesium-137, a highly radioactive substance. Caesium-137 is produced by nuclear fission commonly used in radiation gauges in mining to measure the density of certain materials.

In a statement, Office of Atoms and Peace(OAP) said search teams equipped with radiation detectors have been deployed to search for the missing cylinder including at 26 recycling centres and factories in Si Maha Phot district.

“To date, the search teams have not found the cylindere containing Caesium-137,” it said.

The operator of the power plant, National Power Plant 5A Company offered a 100,000 baht cash reward, an increase from the 50,000 baht initially, for anyone who can provide information which leads to the recovery of the radioactive cylinder.- Bernama