Palestine facing medicine shortage: Health minister

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RAMALLAH – Israel’s actions along with financial difficulties have led to drug shortage in Palestine, Palestinian Health Minister Mai al-Kaila said Wednesday.

Speaking at an event in Ramallah city attended by representatives from the UN, US, European Union and World Bank, al-Kaila pointed out the state of health care in Palestine.


“The health care system in Palestine is suffering as it is in other areas due to Israeli impositions and a lack of needed international support and assistance,” Anadolu Agency reported al-Kaila noted.

She went on to say that the lack of financial support has affected treatment services significantly and caused a severe drug shortage.

With an increase in the Israeli occupation, pressure is increasing on the movement of medical personnel and patients between cities, from Area C, Gaza and Jerusalem, al-Kaila added.

According to the Oslo II Accord, the Palestinian territories in the occupied West Bank were divided into areas A, B and C.

Area A represents 18 per cent of the West Bank and is controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

Area B represents 21 per cent of the West Bank and is subject to Palestinian civil administration and Israeli security administration.

Area C forms 61 per cent of the area of the West Bank and is under Israeli security and administrative control, which requires the approval of the Israeli authorities for any Palestinian projects or measures in it.