Kedah police propose ban on ketum planting

ALOR SETAR – Kedah police have proposed that the state government amend laws related to the use of land to curb rampant ketum planting activities in the state.

Kedah police chief Datuk Hasanuddin Hassan said the amendment would enable enforcement action to be taken against individuals who planted ketum trees and involved in the abuse of ketum leaves.


He said many believe that ketum can treat several diseases and keep them healthy, but the truth is its excessive intake may induce several adverse effects and pose danger to others as well.

“According to the existing law, planting ketum trees is not an offence. However, it is up to the state government to decide, in accordance with the National Land Code,” he said after a town hall session to discuss the danger of ketum abuse here Oct 19.

Hasanuddin said criminal cases involving ketum abuse had also become rampant and more worrying of late.

“Based on the statistics, there are also ketum abuse cases involving civil servants and school students. The problem will persist as long as ketum trees are allowed to be planted,” he said.