Give Covid-19 patients full support to speed up recovery

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KUALA TERENGGANU – It is everyone’s responsibility to provide support to COVID-19 patients to speed up their recovery process.

COVID-19 survivor Badrol Hisham Zaki, 51, said blaming the patients and putting them under pressure would only worsen their health condition.


It can also adversely affect patients’ emotions as well as family members and result in emotional trauma among them.

“Various slanders were hurled at me right after I was tested positive on Sept 25 to the extent of affecting my wife’s business.

“But with prayers and support from family members and friends, I managed to pull through and fully recover after undergoing treatment for 14 days at the Hulu Terengganu Hospital,” he said when contacted by Bernama today.

Badrol Hisham said that based on his experience, COVID-19 patients have the tendency to be emotionally unstable and easily get stressed at the early stages of infection.

“Furthermore, patients will be alone during the treatment process in an isolated room…this is the time when patients desperately need emotional support from family and close friends.

“To build up antibodies against the virus, patients need to always focus on getting back healthy, keep themselves calm and never have bad thoughts of Allah for choosing them to face the test,” he said.

As of 12 pm yesterday, there were 37 COVID-19 positive cases and 404 persons under surveillance in Terengganu.

Another survivor, Rubihah Musa, 34, said our society should continue to be exposed to accurate information and knowledge about the epidemic to avoid hurting the feeling of the patients and their families.

“Anyone would definitely feel hurt…people were boycotting my friend’s restaurant and my children were mocked at school just because I tested positive for COVID-19.

“Let the patients undergo treatment calmly, do not judge and punish them because anyone could be infected by the virus regardless of their skin colour, race, religion or status.

“It is important to always support and pray for their recovery and our victory in the battle against the invisible enemy,” she said.