Youths urged to take up agriculture

Datuk Che Abdullah Mat Nawi

TUMPAT – The involvement of youths in agriculture is encouraged to help increase food production, hence boosting the industry.

Agriculture and Food Industries Deputy Minister II, Datuk Che Abdullah Mat Nawi said besides providing job opportunities, the country needed the credibility of youths to help develop the industry in view of declining food sources despite the increasing demand.


“In this matter, the government is always making various efforts through the use of technology and research undertaken by agriculture-related departments and higher learning institutions to increase food production amid the limitations such as in seed sources, automation and so on.

“To further increase food output, we need the energy, new thinking and technological capability, hence we need youths to be involved in agriculture and plant more sources of wealth such as coconut, pineapple, jackfruit, corn, rice and other crops.”

Che Abdullah said this to reporters after officiating at the National Month and Malaysia Day 2020 celebration at the Sri Tanjung Resort hall, Pulau Teluk Renjuna, here, today. Also present was Kelaboran assemblyman, Mohd Adanan Hassan.

On the ministry’s preparations to assist farmers in Kelantan during the coming monsoon season, he said the ministry would ensure that each affected farmer would receive assistance such a capital for replanting.

“We also want all the farmers, especially padi farmers, to follow the (planting and harvesting) schedules set as the expected flood occurrence and other aspects have been taken into consideration. If they are late in planting padi, their crop and output may be adversely affected,” he said.

Meanwhile, at the celebration today, Che Abdullah and about 150 people took part in a Jalur Gemilang parade in a convoy of 26 boats from the Kemahkotaan Tumpat beach (Pata Ndo) to Teluk Renjuna.

He said the event was held to enliven the patriotic spirit among the community, particularly the younger generation.