Macron visits Lebanon for second time

BEIRUT – French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Lebanon’s capital Beirut on Monday evening for his second visit to the country in less than a month after huge explosions hit Port of Beirut on Aug 4, reports Xinhua news agency quoted al-Jadeed TV channel.

Macron said this trip, as promised during his last visit, aims to follow up on Lebanon’s political situation and distribution of humanitarian aid, as well as participating in celebrations of the centenary of Greater Lebanon, according to al-Jadeed.


He urged Lebanon to fight corruption, reform the electricity sector and deal with the problems in the banking sector, promising a third visit to ensure that the new cabinet is capable of enforcing such reforms.

“Only then, the international community will be willing to support Lebanon,” Macron noted.

On Tuesday, Macron is expected to meet with Lebanese officials and representatives of civil society and non-governmental organisations.

Macron last visited Lebanon two days after the Aug 4 blasts that have killed at least 190 and injured about 6,500 others.