Community rallies in support of woman over “Free Palestine” sign

The Palestine national flag.
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In Hickory Hills, a suburban community near Chicago, neighbors and strangers are coming together to show support for Lila Gaber, a Palestinian-American woman who received two threatening letters due to a “Free Palestine” sign in her front yard.

On Thursday afternoon, community members organized a silent protest in solidarity with Gaber, expressing their support without uttering a word.

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Despite the hateful letters she received in October and December, Gaber is heartened by the tangible display of humanity from those around her.

The threatening letters, one of which circulated online, accused Gaber of disrespecting the United States and the Christian community of Hickory Hills by displaying a sign associated with Hamas.

Despite the negativity, Gaber remains steadfast in her commitment to peacefully advocate for the cause.

After CBS 2 shared her story, the news reached people far beyond Hickory Hills. Strangers, like Kate who lives an hour away, actively participated in bringing together a diverse group to stand with Gaber.

“I wanted her to know that she has other people that are thinking about her and care whether she’s our neighbor or not,” expressed Kate.

Even a family from Wisconsin drove to join the silent protest at Gaber’s home, highlighting the widespread support.

Gaber, aiming for peace, emphasizes the power of silence in conveying a message louder than hate-filled letters.

As the police investigate the threatening letters, Gaber hopes that the perpetrators are paying attention.

Despite the adversity, she expresses a simple desire to belong and be part of her community without facing discrimination.

Reflecting on the overwhelming support, Gaber remains grateful, stating, “I just don’t know how I’m going to thank everybody.

It’s a beautiful thing.” In the face of hate, the community’s unity speaks volumes, drowning out the negativity and fostering a sense of belonging for Gaber.

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