Flood season: KASA instructs all depts, agencies to be prepared

Datuk Sri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

DUNGUN – All departments and agencies under the Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA) have been instructed to be fully-prepared for the flood season which is due to begin soon, Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said.

He said among the measures that are being taken by the Irrigation and Drainage Department (JPS). are the installation of water pumps, maintenance of sluice gates and deepening of water reservoirs in locations at risk of flooding.


“We (KASA) are checking to ensure that all our assets are functional during the flood. Hundreds of flood ‘hotspot’ areas have been identified nationwide. We have installed mobile and permanent water pumps, in some areas and carried out maintenance of sluice gates before the monsoon season,” he told reporters after launching the Sungai Dungun estuary conservation project at Bijangga Civic Hall here today.

Meanwhile Tuan Ibrahim said the ministry was in the midst of building some 50 sabo dams in areas prone to water surge incidents nationwide.

He said the purpose of the dams was to control sediment outflow by collecting incoming sediment and allowing water to gradually flow out thus reducing the occurrence of a water surge.

Earlier, Tuan Ibrahim said the estuary conservation project which would commence next week was expected to complete by March 2027.

He said the RM242.97 million project includes work on deepening navigation channels, construction of breakwater and retaining wall structures, construction of groynes or hydraulic structures built perpendicularly to reduce the impact of waves on the beach as well as the construction of lighthouses.

“The main objective of this project is to prevent sedimentation at Sungai Dungun estuary which is unsafe for fishing and tourist boats sailing to Tenggol Island. The situation worsens during the northeast monsoon season when strong winds and big waves will cause damage to the boats.

“In addition, sedimentation at the river mouth prevents water from flowing to the sea and this is the cause of floods. We hope the project will be able to reduce the risk of coastal flooding being faced by nearly 5,000 local residents,” he added.