Hospital Selayang working on solving queuing problem

KUALA LUMPUR – Hospital Selayang has introduced measures to shorten the queue at its specialist clinics.

Hospital director, Dr Sakinah Alwi, said in a statement today that the number of people in the clinic waiting room at any one time has had to be reduced to ensure physical distancing, and this has caused a long queue outside the clinic.


She said measures implemented include setting up a tent in the car park outside the specialist clinics (for the people standing in line) and assigning time slots to patients to reduce congestion.

“Hospital Selayang will also start operating its blood room outside the specialist clinic earlier to reduce the number of people waiting in line and introduce a system for submitting referral letters which will further lessen the number of people,” she said.

As Hospital Sungai Buloh (HSB) has become the main COVID-19 hospital and Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) has been converted into a hybrid hospital, Hospital Selayang has had to help with the continuity of care for their patients, she said.

“At the same time, Hospital Selayang has to treat existing patients, therefore the influx of patients at this time can’t be avoided,” she added.