Four hospitals in K’tan ready for quarantine, treatment

KOTA BHARU – Kelantan has prepared four hospitals for quarantine and treatment of COVID-19 patients, State Health Department director Datuk Dr Zaini Hussin said.


The four hospitals are Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital (HRPZII) here, Sultan Ismail Petra Hospital in Kuala Krai, the Kuala Krai Hospital and Tumpat Hospital.

In addition to that, he said, the Tumpat Training Centre, which was turned into a quarantine centre during COVID-19 second wave, will reprise the same role this time around.

“The four hospitals and one training centre will operate similar to how we prepared them during the second wave. However, we will make changes from time to time if needed.

“As of now 419 beds have been prepared comprising 111 beds in HRPZII, Sultan Ismail Petra Hospital (20), Kuala Krai Hospital (112), Tumpat Hospital (96) and Tumpat Training Centre (80),” he told Bernama today.

Dr Zaini said his department was ready to face the possibility of a spike in cases.

To date, in Kelantan, only two individuals are being treated for COVID-19 at Tumpat Hospital after testing positive on Thursday.