Trump returns to White House

Donald Trump

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump has left Walter Reed Medical Center and is on his way to the White House where he will continue to recover from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), reported Sputnik news agency.

Trump walked out of the hospital Monday afternoon with a face mask on and waved at the media.


Trump was later seen at the White house pulling off his protective mask as he posed for photos atop the Truman Balcony, NBC News reported.

In a video message less than 2 hours after being released from the hospital, Trump said Americans should not be afraid because the US has the best medical equipment and medicines in the world.

He also said that vaccines to fight the disease will be coming “momentarily.”

“We’re going back to work,” Trump said and vowed that they were going to “beat” COVID-19.

Trump said he had to “stand out front” as the country’s leader despite the risks.

“And now I’m better. Maybe I am immune. I don’t know,” Trump said.

Trump, repeating what he said in a tweet earlier in the day, said he feels better than he did 20 years ago.

Earlier on Monday, Trump’s medical team told reporters that the president has met all the criteria to be discharged from the hospital and that his condition has improved since he was diagnosed late Thursday.

Trump, in a tweet posted about 20 minutes before leaving the hospital, said he will be back on the campaign trail “soon.”

The president is also expected to participate in the next presidential debate scheduled on October 15 in Miami, Florida, according to the Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh.