Vote PN for better development, says Tawau incumbent

TAWAU – Sabah voters should give the mandate to Perikatan Nasional (PN) because it has been proven that a state administration aligned with the federal government can bring greater development, said the PN candidate for Apas, Datuk Nizam Abu Bakar Titingan.

Nizam said if the state government sees eye to eye with the PN-led federal government, the people would reap the benefits of development, including better educational facilities.


According to Nizam, the various educational facilities being enjoyed by the people in Tawau were built during the time when Sabah was ruled by BN and aligned with the federal government.

“When we were aligned with them, we (Tawau) got Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), a Teacher Training Institute, Community College, polytechnic and Maktab Rendah Sains Mara,” he said when campaigning in Tawau Lama here.

He said the people should not be hoodwinked by certain leaders’ promise to build a university as their previous pledges have not been fulfilled.

Nizam said unlike its opponents, PN had been sincere in helping people of all political, religious and racial backgrounds, as proven at the federal level and in PN-led states.

“All strata of society are helped and businesses are strengthened; give your vote to this development-oriented PN, not the other side which instigates the people with the Sabah for Sabahans sentiment,” he added.

In this state election, Nizam is being challenged by Datuk Amrullah @ Ambrullah Kamal of Warisan, Datu Indal Datu Ismail of PCS and Muhd Sayardi Bakal of USNO in Apas, which he won in a four-cornered fight in the 2018 general election.