Use rotation system for integrity – Cuepacs

KUALA LUMPUR – The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) is of the view that either a maximum limit on duty or a rotation system be implemented among civil servants, especially for those in enforcement agencies.

Its president Adnan Mat said this was to avoid a breach of integrity and corruption if one were to serve too long in the same place.


“The limit on duty, rotation as well as transfer to other units or departments will prevent civil servants from becoming too complacent. This will not only make them less competent but also lead to possible abuse of power.

“For closed agencies such as the local authorities, an employee’s job scope can be amended every three years or by making internal changes which, in turn, will increase their skills,” he said in a statement Aug 12.

However, there should be a minimum period for an employee to be placed in one department so that he or she will have time to learn new skills.

Adnan said that although Cuepacs was very concerned about the breach of integrity and trust issues involving civil servants in the country, it still hoped that they would be accorded a fair and transparent trial.

He stressed that Cuepacs would not protect anyone who violated the laws, adding that they should face the music for their wrongdoings.

Civil servants, he said, must always realise and remember the principles or the oath they took to serve the people and the country, and they should set a good example by complying with the regulations and laws of the country.

In another development, Adnan described allegations made by Hot Burger Malaysia founder Mohd Asri Hamid that the members of the police force and armed forces have been ignoring prayers as an insult to the civil servants and Islam itself.

“I hope the authorities can take stern action against him so that he and others will learn from it,” he said.