Be prepared for looming disasters, Aussies warned

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CANBERRA – Australia is facing potential compounding and cascading natural disasters throughout summer, the nation’s top emergency management authority warned, reported Xinhua.

Brendan Moon, Australia’s coordinator-general for National Emergency Management, told reporters in Canberra on Monday that Australians should plan for the impact of a range of disasters in the coming summer.


“We are going to experience a warmer, drier spring and summer. We should also prepare for the possibility of cyclones, floods, bushfires and heatwaves,” he said.

Moon was speaking ahead of the first National Disaster Preparedness Summit, which began in Canberra on Monday.

More than 250 representatives from the federal, state and territory governments, as well as experts from emergency services, were invited to the two-day summit to ensure a cohesive response to the natural disasters.

Experts have previously warned that Australia is facing its worst bushfire season since the devastating 2019-20 Black Summer blazes, which burned more than 240,000 square km of land.

In its latest seasonal outlook published in August, the Australasian Fire Authorities Council has put large parts of eastern and central Australia on high alert for bushfires due to a forecast of hot and dry weather, and high fuel loads.

Despite the warning, Emergency Management Minister Murray Watt said in a statement on Monday that he has confidence in the government’s response plans.

“We know that due to climate change, disasters will become increasingly frequent and intense, which is why we have taken significant steps to build our resilience and response capabilities.

“I’m confident that as a country we’re well prepared. However, we aren’t complacent and we want to make sure we’re doing everything within our power to get ready.” – Bernama