Visit to Lebanese university opens up study opportunities for our students

The PAS delegation headed by Dr Khalil Abdul Hadi at Al-Jinan University

During a visit to Lebanon, PAS International Affairs and External Relations Bureau had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Saleem Yakan, son of the late Sheikh Dr. Fathy Yakan and members of the board of directors of Al Jinan University in Beirut, Lebanon.


Al Jinan University in Beirut, Lebanon is a higher education center founded by Sheikh Dr. Fathy Yakan, a leading scholar, politician and also one of the founders of Al Jama’ah Al Islamiyah Lebanon.

The visit also joined by the Chairman of PAS Relief, YB Ustaz Yusni Mat Piah, Treasurer of the International Affairs and External Relations Bureau of PAS, Tuan Hj. Adram Musa, Bureau Secretary, Mr. Muhd. Khidir Izaidin and PAS Relief Working Secretary, Ustaz Rasydan.

This meaningful meeting is hopefully able to bring the relationship between Malaysia and Lebanon closer in addition to bringing hope to be able to open up opportunities for Malaysians to continue their studies at Al Jinan University.

Al Jinan University has no less than 6,000 students and offers various courses whether in the field of Islamic Studies or other majors such as Business Administration, Communication, Education and others.

Hopefully, Al Jinan University will be able to produce quality students and further develop into one of the leading higher education centers in Lebanon as well as among Islamic countries in the world.