Freshwater fish a good alternative when sea fish prices increase – MB

Datuk Ahmad Yakob

KOTA BHARU – Freshwater fish can be a good source of protein for the people in Kelantan, especially at a time when the price of sea fish has increased by up to 20 per cent since a week ago, says Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob.

He said in making freshwater fish a choice for consumption, the demand for sea fish could be met which which were at times affected by certain factors including bad weather.


“The aquaculture sector will also have the potential to further develop in Kelantan as almost 1,100 individuals are involved in breeding freshwater fish.

“This has a huge potential of uplifting the people’s socio-economy, especially the freshwater fish breeders while these fish could be a good food source for the people.

“So far, the state government has channelled RM975,000 in allocations to the State Fisheries Department on development programmes for the fishermen and fish farmers in Kelantan,” he added.

The menteri besar had earlier officiated at the Fisheries Department’s ‘Jom Makan Ikan Air Tawar’ (Let’s Eat Freshwater Fish) Tour programme at the grounds of Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium, here, today with its deputy director-general (Development), Mohd Mohtar Mahamud also present.

Yesterday, the media reported that the price of fish in Kelantan had risen by up to 20 per cent due to supply shortage as the fishermen could not go out to sea because of bad weather since a week ago.

Meanwhile, Mohd Mohtar said that in 2020, freshwater and brackish water fish output in Kelantan reached 6,022 tonnes and worth over RM49 million. There were 843 and 227 freshwater and brackish water fish breeders involved respectively.

“The main output comprised catfish and patin, recording 2,408 and 2,044 tonnes respectively.

“Therefore, the department sees freshwater fish as a good source of protein for the people at a time when the sea fish price is double that of freshwater fish,” he added.

He also said that through an allocation of RM1.3 million from the federal government this year and support from the state government, the development programmes could be carried out well and the freshwater and brackish water fish output be optimised in this country.