“Congratulations, Malaysians” – Minister

KUALA LUMPUR – Minister of Health Khairy Jamaluddin congratulated the people of Malaysia on their good behaviour in the ‘transition to endemic’ phase.

He said this also proved that the people had the capability to make the transition a success while still complying with the standard operating procedure (SOP) to curb COVID-19.


“We see in terms of the very good behaviour of Malaysians who still wear masks when they are in an open area or outside during the transition to endemic phase.

“This means Malaysians already know how to live with COVID-19. They also know if there are symptoms that they shouldn’t go out, shouldn’t mingle.. or they will isolate themselves,” he said after launching the 2022 World Asthma Day here today.

Khairy was asked to comment on the number of COVID-19 cases recently which was deemed to be under control although it was expected to go up after the Aidilfitri festive season

He said that with good compliance among the people, the country no longer needed to enforce laws such as issuing compound notices and others.

“I notice, compared to other countries which are maybe more lenient in terms of SOP and compliance to their SOP, that all Malaysians don facemasks and there is no problem to it. It is an important shield,” he said.

He said the high vaccination rate was also a factor that aided in controlling the infections in the country.

“This is not so much about the number of cases, but more towards the ill effects from COVID-19 and the vaccines have aided in reducing the bad effects.

“We also see that our hospitals are not full of COVID-19 cases now. We can solve many other cases now and we give focus to asthmatic and other non-communicable cases. So, I see this as the success of Malaysians,” he said.

Commenting on the issue of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), Khairy said all parties and especially parents must be given awareness and knowledge about the disease.

“What is important is that the parents are briefed on what is HFMD, its symptoms and what are the measures to be taken when their children are detected with signs of HFMD,” he said.

He said parents must also boost the awareness of their children on self-hygiene to avoid being infected by the disease.

“Operators of premises, especially kindergartens and nurseries, must always clean them daily,” he said.

“The District Health Offices must also play a role in disseminating information concerning HFMD hotspots,” he added.