Entrepreneur earns lucrative income from livestock farming

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KUALA LUMPUR – When Mohd Zulashrafe Abdul Ghani first ventured into livestock farming back in 2013, he had to overcome various challenges including suffering losses of over RM200,000.

However, that did not break his resolve to create success, and he continued to strive until he managed to generate a monthly income of more than RM30,000.


The 37-year-old entrepreneur admitted that although the business promised a lucrative income, it could not be run carelessly and required the proper knowledge.

“I often buy wholesale goats that are sold cheaply and as a result, some of them get sick and eventually die. Out of the total 500 goats I bought, only 144 are really healthy. In fact, my farm was also invaded and threatened even though it was located far from residential areas.

“Initially, I raised not only goats but also cows, ayam kampung and ducks. However, it was difficult to sell them and my money was also running low. Out of desperation, I had to sell everything at a low price to secure working capital,” he told Bernama when contacted.

Refusing to repeat his old mistake, Mohd Zulashrafe started focusing only on goats and sheep in 2015 as the animals are easy to care for, do not require large space, and have high market potential.

At the same time, the founder of MZAG Agro Farm in Sabak Bernam, Selangor began to realise that good financial management was an important aspect in boosting sales, thus ensuring the continuity of a business.

He recalled that he had to sell the goats for RM530 each, cows for below RM3,000 and ducks for RM3 each to get his working capital.

“Since then, I started to use this formula where goats will only be brought in for sale while cows will only be sold if there is demand,” said the entrepreneur, who received guidance from the Veterinary Services Department and Bernam Jaya Area Farmers Organisation.

Thanks to his hard work over the years, MZAG Agro Farm is now able to supply 4,000 to 6,000 goats and sheep a year, besides offering other products such as ‘Kambing Perap Pukau’ (marinated meat) and goat milk since 2019.

“I’m also ready to share my knowledge and expertise with those who are interested in this field, especially the B40 group affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so that the knowledge gained can be passed on to future generations.

“It also ensures that entrepreneurship continues to be a career of choice, especially for the younger generation,” said Mohd Zulashrafe, who had also set up a training centre to realise his hopes.