Highway users advised to plan journey for Chinese New Year

KUALA LUMPUR – City folk who wish to return to their villages and hometowns in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations are advised to plan their journey as recommended by the highway operators.

PLUS Operations Excellence head Mohd Yusof Aziz advised motorists from Kuala Lumpur heading towards north and south destinations especially Perlis, Penang and North Perak starting Jan 28 to leave before 10 am.


“Our travel advisory is between Jan 28 and Feb 6 (Monday) which is during the CNY (Chinese New Year) holidays. Use the concept of the farthest, move first, so for those who want to return to the nearest states such as Johor, Melaka, Perak can leave after lunch (1 pm),” he said in an interview via Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) FB Live here today.

Meanwhile, motorists who will travel the longest distance are encouraged to start their journey back to Kuala Lumpur before 9 am, while those who are closer can leave their hometowns after that period.

Mohd Yusof said city dwellers are expected to return to the Klang Valley on Feb 1, 2 or 3 as well as until Feb 6.

“Highway users are also advised to get the latest traffic updates through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook,” he said, adding that PLUS expects to see an exodus of six million vehicles in view of the weekend and Chinese New Year holiday on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mohd Yusof said there will be no roads, toll lanes and rest and service areas that will be closed during the festive holiday period.

For those who want to return to the east coast destinations especially Pahang and Terengganu, ANIH Berhad (ANIH) Operations and Maintenance head Ainul Hasri Shah Abu Hassan advised East Coast Expressway (LPT) 1 and 2 users to hit the road as early as 5 am.

“City folk are expected to leave Kuala Lumpur to return to their hometowns in the east coast on Jan 29 and Jan 31.

“Those who want to return to Kelantan can start their journey at 11 am,” he said.