No renewable energy to be exported to Singapore – KeTSA

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KUALA LUMPUR – Only non-renewable energy is allowed to be exported to Singapore and power sales through self-developed transmission and interconnection facilities to Singapore will not be allowed.

Energy and Natural Resources Ministry (KeTSA) in a statement today said the government has decided to review the Guide for Cross-Border Electricity Sales issued by the Energy Commission to include the two matters.


The statement said the government has also agreed that the wheeling charges for the sale of electricity to Singapore for the two-year trial period will be USD2.28 cents/kWh.

“The decision was made to boost the development of the local renewable energy (RE) industry as Malaysia aspires to reach its climate change aspiration.

“It will also allow the government to allocate additional solar quota to benefit Malaysian RE players,” it said.

The updated Guide for Cross-Border Electricity Sales can be downloaded from the Energy Commission’s website starting from Oct 25 (Monday).

According to the statement, subsequent to the decision the government is now able to increase solar capacity within the national grid system thus, the ministry has decided to release an additional 300MW of solar quota under the Net Energy Metering (NEM) Net Offset Virtual Aggregation (NOVA) programme.

“The additional quota can be applied through SEDA Malaysia’s eNEM system starting from Nov 15

“The release of the additional NEM NOVA quota is expected to benefit more than 60 to 300 commercial and industrial customers and create new business opportunities for more than 100 local solar players,” it said.

The statement stated that the move will also contribute towards post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery by creating an estimated investment value of RM1.2 billion and providing 3,600 job opportunities.