Ministry shelves plan to allow supporters back into stadiums

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KUALA LUMPUR – It looks like sports spectators or supporters in areas under Phase Four of the National Recovery Plan (PPN) will have to wait a little longer before they are allowed back into sports and recreational venues.

The Youth and Sports Ministry said in a statement tonight that plans to allow fans to be present at sports venues had been temporarily shelved so that a review of the details regarding the General Protocol for the Management of Spectators/Supporters could be carried out by taking into account current risk evaluation.


“The ministry had tabled proposals on the presence of spectators/supporters at sports venues in areas under Phase Two and Phase Three of the PPN for the government’s consideration.

“Following that, the COVID-19 Ministerial Quartet Meeting on Tuesday and Special Committee on Pandemic Management Meeting on Wednesday decided that the ministry should review several aspects of the General Protocol in detail by taking into account the input and advice from the Ministry of Health (MOH),” it said.

It added that the ministry was very committed to ensuring the reopening of the sports and recreation sector was done with care in line with public health needs.

Previously, Malaysian Football League (MFL) president Datuk Ab Ghani Hassan said that he hoped the government would allow supporters back into stadiums for the 100th edition of the Malaysia Cup competition this season.