Triple celebrations, triple happiness

Ikuti keunikan masyarakat berbilang budaya kita!

It is now a special time of the year, especially to those who loves advocating peace and harmony. Festivities are always excellent opportunities to connect and unite. Every year, Malaysia celebrates her independence in August followed by the remembrance of her formation in September. This is the time for us to reflect on the importance of freedom, stability and harmony that we have achieved for decades.

Additionally, this year, our Buddhist friends are celebrating the mid-autumn festival which is also known for the moon cake festival next week on the 21st of September. The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated yearly on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. In Malaysia, another name for the celebration is the Lantern Festival.


This festival has been celebrated since around 1600–1046 BCE. Traditionally, some believe that this festival is associated with the famous story of a lady named Chang’e who accidentally took elixir which eventually led to her flying to the moon. Another story tells us of the use of moon cakes as a form of communication for the rebels in China to rise and fight against corrupted leaders, this was told from one generation to another.

To Malaysians, the Mooncake Festival is not as famous as the Chinese New Year, Cap Goh Meh or Wesak. Therefore, wishing our Buddhist friends on this festival will definitely create more warmth and love within our in-need-of-unity community. Nowadays, many bakeries including those owned by Muslims sell halal moon cakes during this festival. Giving out moon cakes as gift to the lovely Chinese ‘aunty’ next door will strengthen the relationship within our neighbourhood.

Embrace the uniqueness of our multicultural society! Happy Malaysia Day, everybody!

Fairuz – HARAKAHDAILY 16/9/2021