Floodwaters rising in low-lying Rantau Panjang villages

Photo used for illustration purposes only

PASIR MAS – Floodwaters have reportedly risen by between 0.3 metre and 0.5 metre this evening in several low-lying villages in Rantau Panjang due to incessant rain over the past four days.

Bernama found out that the villagers of Kampung Tersang and Kampung Bongor have begun to prepare for evacuation to relief centres.


Rafidah Mat Isa, 47, of Kampung Tersang said the floodwaters started rising in the village yesterday and expressed anxiety that the rain does not seem to be easing off.

“The villagers have gotten used to evacuation annually. We are ready to move out,” she said.

Ali Hussin, 52, of Kampung Bongor said the floodwaters will usually stagnate.

“The stagnant water takes some time to recede. We will usually be among the evacuees to remain the longest at the relief centres,” he said.

Rantau Panjang Fire & Rescue Station chief Imran Ismail said about 100 inhabitants of three villages experience the “stagnant” floodwaters annually.

He said the station monitors the situation and ensures that the villagers adhere to instructions and evacuate when the flood worsens.

“Sungai Golok has not reached the warning level yet this evening,” he said. The warning level of the river is eight metres and danger level, nine metres.

Imran advised the villagers to get prepared to evacuate and said parents should not allow children to play in the floodwaters.