Avoid electrical hazards during floods

Photo used for illustration purposes only

PUTRAJAYA – The Energy Commission (ST) has reminded the public especially those living in low-lying and flood-prone areas to take precautionary measures to avoid any electrical hazards.

The commission, in a statement today, said before floods hit, the public must switch off the main electrical distribution board and disconnect all electrical appliances from the power sockets.


“Keep all electrical appliances at a high place and safe from flood waters,” it said.

In flooded areas, the public is advised to avoid places with electrical cables especially at night, or locations with fallen electrical cables to avoid electrocution.

“Do not touch fallen electrical poles or broken cables during floods or rain. Never use them as a clothes hanger,” said the commission.

When outdoors, ST urged the public to avoid flooded power sub-stations or switches, and never move or repair fallen electrical poles and broken cables.

“Immediately report to the relevant authorities,” it said.

The commission also urged the public to be careful in the aftermath of floods as damaged electrical appliances or installations could cause electrocution.

“The public must ensure affected electrical appliances are checked, in good condition and fully dried out before using them,” it said.

Before turning the main switch back on, consumers must first inspect all wiring and electrical appliances in the house and this must be carried out by electrical contractors registered with ST, it added.