Perak villagers want fly problem to go away

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BATU GAJAH – Some 3,000 inhabitants of Kampung Baru Kinta Valley, Kampung Chenderong and Rancangan Perumahan Tersusun (RPT) Batu 6 allege that they have suffered a fly infestation for 16 years and that it is caused by a poultry farm nearby.

Zairil Rahman Zainal, 56, said it is making it hard for everyone to perform everyday activities let alone care for a grandchild suffering from blood cancer.


“Every day we feel uneasy eating or sleeping and can’t relax because of the flies buzzing around us. And now my family is feeling itchy all over,” the retired civil servant told reporters who visited Kampung Baru Kinta Valley today.

P. Vignaswaran, 33, said a fly went into his two-year-old son’s ear the other day and he had to pay RM800 for his treatment at a private hospital.

“Imagine the things we have to endure. We’ve been patient a long time. How long do we have to suffer while someone else has it easy?

“The cost of my son’s treatment was my wages for 15 days,” the lorry driver said.

A. Veerapantty, 49, said the flies make it terribly embarrassing when friends and family visit.

“We’ve complained to various people, to the local authorities, the village head and wakil rakyat, but still the problem hasn’t gone away. We hope the government of the day will help us,” said the lorry driver.

Meanwhile, Perak Barisan Nasional Complaints and Service Centre chief, Mohd Ravi Abdullah, is urging the state government step in to solve the problem.

“It is believed that chickens are being raised commercially in 20 cages in an area nearby. Although it is a licenced operation, the state government should intervene to solve the problem being encountered by residents,” he said.

Perak housing, local government and tourism committee chairman, Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi, has not responded yet to a request for comment from Bernama.