WWII bullets found abandoned in Labuan toilet

Photo used for illustration purposes only

LABUAN – A cleaner stumbled on 24 bullets believed to have been used during World War 2 at a public toilet in Anjung Ikan Bakar, Kg Lubok Temiang here, today.

A police ballistic unit will test the rusty ammunition before disposal.


Labuan police chief Supt Muhamad Farid Ahmad said the bullets were found by a Labuan Corporation cleaning unit staff during routine cleaning works at 7 am.

“We received a call that a cleaner had found the bullets this morning. Upon reaching there we found 22 bullets of 7.62mm calibre and two 20mm calibre bullets.

“We believed someone had found the bullets elsewhere and abandoned them in the toilet,” he said.

Police advised the public to report any similar finds immediately without touching what might be live ammunition.