DOE seals illegal waste dumping site in Tg Kling

Photo used as illustration purposes only

MELAKA – The Melaka Department of Environment (DOE) has raided and sealed off an illegal scheduled toxic and hazardous waste dumping site in Jalan Pengkalan Perigi, Tanjung Kling, Melaka on Thursday.

DOE director-general Norlin Jaafar said acting on intelligence findings, the Melaka DOE team raided the area in an integrated operation mounted with the cooperation from the police, the Fire and Rescue Department’s Hazardous Material (Hazmat) team, Melaka Historic City Council (MBSB) and the state Water Regulatory Body (BKSA).


“More than 900 barrels, six intermediate bulk containers, seven contaminated barrels and five oil storage tanks suspected to contain oil sludge were found in the area, and the toxic waste found was scheduled sludge waste or oil suspected from oil refineries with code SW314.

“The Melaka DOE investigation team has also taken samples of the waste and sent it to the Department of Chemistry for analysis and identification of its characteristics and composition, apart from deploying drones to monitor air quality from time to time to ensure that the area is safe,” she said in a statement here tonight.

Norlin said investigation papers were being prepared under Section 34B of the Environmental Quality Act 1974 for illegal dumping of scheduled waste, which is punishable by imprisonment and a fine of up to RM500,000 if convicted.

“I would like to give a stern warning to all quarters, especially the industry players, including transport contractors and operators of premises that handle the processing and disposal of scheduled waste, to ensure that toxic and hazardous waste is properly managed and in compliance with the law,” she said.

Public with information on activities that polluted the environment can channel the information by calling toll free line at 1-800-88-2727 or email to or just file it at