Floods: Inaccessible roads, river currents worry residents

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TUARAN – The floods that hit several areas in the state due to continuous downpour since last night have caused some major roads to be inaccessible, strong river currents and business premises inundated.

The situation has raised concern among the affected residents.


Food Panda rider Ardy Maxwell, 21, said he was stranded in front of the Sabah campus of the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) here after Jalan Sulaman was flooded.

“The road (Jalan Sulaman) is only accessible by heavy vehicles,” Ardy who was on his way to deliver food to a customer told Bernama here today adding that some of his fellow riders also suffer a similar fate after several roads around Telipok and Rugading were inundated by flood waters.

Saleswoman Nur Auini Hamidan, 48, said she was unable to reach her office in Likas here due to impassable roads around Telipok.

“My house in Gayang is also experiencing power supply cut off as water from nearby rivers overflowed. Many of my neighbours and friends are also unable to go out to work today.

“This situation would occur every time there is heavy downpour and it has been going on for quite some time,” she said.

A Bernama check at Jalan Sulaman found that the traffic snaked through for about three kilometres as motorists were caught unaware of the flood situation there.

Misnur Ali, 71, a retiree from Kampung Gayang here expressed worry over the strong current at Sungai Tuaran which is located near his house.

He said residents living in houses built over the river also expressed concern for their safety and hope the authorities can provide assistance such as temporary accommodation to them if the situation worsens.

Food trader Hamidah Rahmat, 51, in Kampung Lapasan here said she only catered takeaway orders after flood waters began entering her business premises.

“It is for the safety of my customers as the water level can rise very quickly like in the previous year. It is probably due to the rapid development carried out in Telipok,” she said.

She hoped that the authorities would take necessary measures to help those affected by the floods and prevent a recurrence.

The Malaysian Meteorology Department has issued a yellow level weather alert for the state and Labuan beginning today until tomorrow.