Bario now focus of Covid-19 contact tracing

KUCHING – Pa’ Dalih, Bario, a relatively remote hamlet in the highlands of northern Sarawak is now the focus of the Health Department to carry out contact tracing after an oil and gas worker who tested positive for COVID-19 visited the area.

The Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) in a statement today informed that the 49-year-old man, who works in Iraq was reported to have visited his family in Bario in the last 14 days, before testing positive for COVID-19 on Sept 30.


“To date, a total of eight contacts have been detected around Miri (the city closest to Bario) and contact tracing in Pa’ Dalih is underway. The Fire and Rescue Department is also helping to fly health personnel by helicopter to conduct contact screening. The estimated number of close contacts in Pa’ Dalih is 17 people,” according to the statement.

Further investigation and contact tracing was done by the Miri Divisional Health Office as soon as they received the notification related to the case from the Sepang District Health Office, Selangor on Sept 2, the statement read.

JPBN Sarawak today detected three new COVID-19 cases bringing the total to 716 cases in Sarawak, since March.