Provide second driver, express bus operators told

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KOTA BHARU – The Kelantan Road Transport Department (RTD) has urged express bus companies in the state to always provide a second driver on every trip to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Its Operations Section chief Mohd Hasnor Kutik said although no bus company has been detected committing such offence this year, the rules must always be adhered to, in efforts to avoid any untoward incidents.


He said for trips exceeding 300 kilometres (km) or equivalent to four hours of driving, having a second driver is a must.

“This is a mandatory rule for express bus operators to ensure drivers receive adequate rest.

“Previously, a bus company was detected citing reasons such as the driver was unwell, hence the failure to provide a second driver. There are also drivers who were detected driving alone because of chasing commissions compared with driving with a second driver,” he told reporters after inspecting express buses in conjunction with the Kelantan RTD Special Enforcement operation at Lembah Sireh Bus Terminal here, today.

He said the operation also saw participation of the state Health Department and the state Immigration Department with the strength of 36 officers and personnel.

Mohd Hasnor said, a total of 34 express buses from 11 companies were inspected.

He said that during the operation, RTD focused on public service vehicles to detect technical errors such as failure to provide record book, failure to provide second driver, unsatisfactory brake and tyres’ condition which did not follow RTD standards.

A total of four offences were recorded by RTD while six offences were detected by the Health Department involving drivers who failed to comply with the SOP such as not wearing face masks.

The Immigration Department detained five Thai women, aged between 20 and 30, for failing to produce valid travel documents and were believed to be heading to Kuala Lumpur, he said.