MMEA launches Sea Eagle exercise

Photo used for illustration purposes only, courtesy Maritim Malaysia.

ALOR GAJAH – The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (Maritim Malaysia) launched the Sea Eagle Exercise in the Straits of Melaka, here, yesterday, to ensure optimum readiness to implement law enforcement.

Maritime Malaysia director-general Maritime Admiral Datuk Mohd Zubil Mat Som said the one-day exercise included preventing the entry of aliens through border control operations in Op Benteng under the National Task Force (NTF).


He said the exercise was also to evaluate and further boost the efficiency of the standard operating procedures (SOP) procedures involving Rule of Use of Force (RUF) implemented by officers and members of MMEA during enforcement and search and rescue operations (CARILAMAT).

“Apart from training to strengthen the readiness and expertise of officers, members and the Special Action Team (STAR ​​Team) in performing duties and handling of assets such as ships, boats, aircraft and jet skis, enforcement simulations and CARILAMAT were also implemented in the exercise session.

“The training procedures carried out also include helicopter handling procedures for landing on the KM Pekan ship deck by aircraft and ship crews and fast roping procedures by STAR Team members.

“Other procedures conducted were boarding or search by ship and boat crews as well as routine training for improving communication skills between the assets involved in the exercise,” he said in a statement, here, today.

Mohd Zubil said the exercise also involved various marine and air assets including KM Pekan, KM Gagah, KM Kota Kinabalu, KM Bagan Datuk, lightning boats, jet ski, AW139 and US 365 N3 helicopters as well as Bombardier CL415MP aircraft.

He said the involvement of the director general and the top management in the exercise showed the commitment and support of MMEA in backing the government’s efforts to curb new COVID-19 clusters.

Earlier, he and the top management as well as senior officers of Maritime Malaysia were also involved in the exercise along with 150 officers and members.

In the meantime, he said since Op Benteng was launched from May until September, Maritim Malaysia had made 78 arrests for various offences with a seizure value of more than RM37 million.