NUTP: Review issue of teachers’ job description

Dr Radzi Jidin

KUALA LUMPUR – The National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) is urging Senior Minister (Education) Dr Radzi Jidin to review the issue of teachers having to fill in their job tasks so as not to burden them, when they should be focusing on educating the nation’s children.

Its secretary-general, Harry Tan Huat Hock said NUTP had received complaints from its members about teachers not only being burdened with irrelevant uncompleted tasks but also having to fill in the job description.


“NUTP is of the opinion that such a task is a burden and irrelevant as the purpose and goal of filling in those details are not clear.

“It is like just completing the documents in the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) or only for the use of the services only,” he said in a statement here Sept 22.

Tan said among the problems faced by teachers were the limited time to fill the job description details and having to fill nine sections for each grade, as well as technical problems such as the details filled in and stored were missing when reopened and the filling in work halted due to system interruption.

The NUTP has also received complaints that teachers had to fill in the job description in the main task accountability section for about 11 times because the previously filled data went missing.