Family create history with solo skydiving in Taiping

Photo used for illustration purposes only

TAIPING – Three members of a family today created history in solo skydiving from a Cessna Caravan 208 aircraft at a height of 4,500 feet at Tekah Airport here.

A neurosurgeon of a private hospital in Melaka, Dr Sani Sayuthi, 51, his wife Wan Razlila Wan Hassan, 41, who is also a nurse at Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz UKM (formerly known as HUKM), and their son, Izzat Izzudin, 14, were among 33 participants in the Taiping Air Strip event held in conjunction with the national month.


Izzat Izzudin also emerged as the youngest diver in Asia to jump solo from a Cessna Caravan 208.

Dr Sani, in sharing his excitement said this was his first solo skydive with his family.

“In the beginning, I was terrified because this is my first time skydiving from 4,500 feet-high but I overcome it anyway because my family and I wanted to try something new.
“The dive was fun at 25 km per hour and I’m thankful that we managed to land safely,” he told reporters after the event.

The father of three said he also planned to skydive with his family in Australia or New Zealand in the future.

Meanwhile, Izzat Izzudin said this was his first skydive and admitted that it was very challenging.

“I want to do it again and I have my father’s support to venture into something different,” he said.