Dog which bit off baby’s hand unlicenced

Photo used for illustration purposes only

MELAKA – The owner of the Plott hound pet dog which attacked a seven-day-old baby girl causing her to lose her right hand on Tuesday, did not have a licence for the animal.

Melaka Historic City Council (MBMB) mayor, Datuk Zainal Abu said the Plott Hound was a German breed and was rarely kept in the country and cannot be issued a licence.


“The pet dog is currently under a two-week quarantine at the Melaka Veterinary Services Department to ensure there are no symptoms of rabies,” he said when contacted by reporters here Sept 12.

He said action would be taken against the dog owner under the Licensing of Dogs By-Laws (MPMT) 1984.

Meanwhile, State Veterinary Department director Dr Aidi Mohamad said the male dog has been detained under Section 41 (1) of the Animals Act 1953 for monitoring purposes and would be disposed of if there were signs of rabies.

“If the dog does not show any signs of illness during the 14 days of quarantine, it will be handed back to MBMB for further action,” he said.

Yesterday, there were newspaper reports that a seven-day-old baby girl lost her right hand after being bitten by her uncle’s pet dog in Bachang here, on Tuesday.

At the time of the incident, the victim was being cared for by her 39-year-old aunt while her mother, who was still in confinement, was resting on the upper floor of the house.

Before giving the baby her bath, the aunt placed the newborn on a pillow near to the closed gate to be exposed to sunlight.

The aunt then left the baby for a while to prepare her bathwater. Upon her return, the aunt was shocked to see the baby’s right hand was being bitten by the dog.