PAS Youth as agents of peace – Khairil

Khairil Nizam Khiruddin

KOTA BHARU – PAS Youth leader Khairil Nizam Khiruddin has urged the wing to play the important role of unifier or ‘agent of peace’, to unite all the youth wings of political parties that support Perikatan Nasional (PN).

He said the people’s sentiment towards the government now was very positive, and if a disagreement arose among youth wings in the alliance, it should be resolved behind closed doors.


“The unity of the ummah will build confidence and trust among the plural society, and in fact, as the majority group in the country, the unity of Muslims is important in ensuring political, social and economic stability.

“Believe me, harmony between the races and religions will be easier to achieve when Muslims can unite based on the true principles,” he said when addressing the 61st Pas Youth Muktamar or annual general assembly held at Pusat Tarbiah Islamiah Kelantan (PUTIK), Pengkalan Chepa, near here, today.

Also present were the party’s deputy president Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man and Youth deputy chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari.

“PAS Youth should increase dialogue and organise educational programmes for the non-Malays and non-Muslims, many of whom still have many misconceptions about PAS,” said Khairil.

He also urged PAS youth to be more adept with social media, so that they could be responsive ‘journalists’ and ‘reporters’ for the party and government.

“The mastery of social media should be a priority for the information machinery at every level,” he said, adding that the wing’s information and strategic communications sector had made various efforts and on the matter.

The 61st PAS Youth Muktamarattended by about 400 delegates from all over the country was held in the new norm to comply with the standard operating procedure (SOP) of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).