Re-empower Rukun Negara – Sultan Sharafuddin

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah
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SHAH ALAM – The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah wants the five principles of Rukun Negara formulated in 1970 to be re-empowered towards building a sovereign and respected nation state.

In a statement issued by Istana Alam Shah today, the sultan viewed that since the 80s, there was a lack of emphasis on Rukun Negara which has caused some people to ignore practising its basic values.

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Sultan Sharafuddin is also of the view that there is still a lack of recognition and appreciation for the principles of Rukun Negara in the application of the national unity agenda.

“It stems from the weakness of some people in upholding the supremacy of the Federal Constitution in their action and failure to respect the sovereignty of the royal institution in this country,” according to the statement.

Therefore, Sultan Sharafuddin wants the five principles of the Rukun Negara not only to be memorised but to be appreciated and practised in the everyday life of the people.

Nevertheless, Istana Alam Shah said the ruler was happy to see the current development as there are serious efforts to instill the tenets of Rukun Negara towards strengthening racial harmony in Malaysia.

It said Sultan Sharafuddin believes that, in conjunction with the National Day celebration this year, solidarity among the people could be further bolstered if every citizen fully understands the nation’s history and struggle, particularly the principles outlined in the Rukun Negara.

At the same time, the Selangor Ruler called on Malaysians to emulate the example shown by Indonesian people in appreciating and understanding their national principles through ‘Pancasila’ which they practise earnestly and effectively in cultivating the spirit of patriotism.

Sultan Sharafuddin also wishes all Malaysians a Happy 63rd National Day.


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