Politic Master Class by PAS

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Just few weeks before RUU is tabled and discussed in the parliament, PAS has assured that RUU to be taken seriously and all political parties in Malaysia need to support the RUU.

PKR, BERSATU and UMNO has only one choice which is to fully support RUU. And this will not happen if PAS still under Pakatan Rakyat or PAS join Barisan Nasional. Now, at this juncture, PAS as a standalone giant, can dictate the tempo. 

Whichever party especially the one with Muslim MPs that do not support RUU will be seen by public as not so keen on Islamic agenda. Thats the basic and raw perception by many on the fence Muslim voters who watch this politic melodrama from far. Put aside details and intellectual analysis about RUU. 

Thus, PAS mission to upheld Islam will be accomplished and hence “Istiqamah Hingga Kemenangan” make a lot of sense. And from political standpoint, PAS has move on from Hudud issue, nobody can say that PAS Hudud agenda is merely political bait. PAS has done everything within his power to push the agenda forward. 

Whoever or whichever party that vote against is the culprit if it will not be approved by parliament. I imagine, during PAS election rally PAS can safely and honestly say to everyone, we have tried our best but party A, B or C failed the initiative.

For PAS regardless the result, PAS already wins. For others think wisely. 

Apart from that, during the vote and debate in the parliament later, PAS can sit on the side and assess who they should take to be their partner. It is like PAS organising walk-in interview.

Some who are more knowledgeable and has more experience in Malaysia politics might say PAS has no strength to be on its own. But, for someone who follow Malaysia politics from distant and quietly like me, I have to say that by pushing the RUU forward, PAS has garner new strength and support. 

From far, we really look forward for the result of RUU.

Good Luck to All Muslim MPs in Malaysia.

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